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New Training Requirement

Southeastern Massachusetts EMS Council Training Requirement

EMS providers are required to complete M&M rounds as specified by each service's affiliation agreement in the calendar year 2023. (January 1-December 31, 2023).

Open local classes for the public which includes CPR, First Aid, Stop The Bleed, and many more.

Recertification Info for Affiliated and Unaffiliated EMTs. If your EMT card expiration date is March 31, 2023, your re-certification portal is now open as of October 2022.


Associations that offer training in First Aid, CPR, or Stop The Bleed. These are classes that are open to the public.

Association Courses

Nero's Law

There will be up to a 6 month implementation process. Agencies can begin providing K-9 care as soon as staff is trained and any required equipment is stocked.


All EMTs working for ambulance services are required to have initial training and then training every 2 years. If the agency has a waiver from OEMS to not participate in the K9 Program, staff is not required to attend training. EMTs who do not work for ambulance services are not required to have the training and are encouraged to step back and allow those who must have it as part of their work responsibilities to have first availability.


Yarmouth Police K-9 Nero SOURCE: Yarmouth Police

Agencies can apply for a waiver by writing a letter to the OEMS Director. The letter must include justification based on the wording in the Law " "The department may grant a waiver from this section if the department determines that compliance poses a safety risk to the public." We suggest that an example of 'safety risk' might include extremely long transport times to POE-designated veterinarian services with limited mutual aid available.

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