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MCI Trailers

Southeastern Massachusetts EMS Council has 5 MCI trailers placed at Departments/Agencies throughout the region for use by all regional EMS services when needed during an MCI. The trailers are equipped to handle approximately 100 patients of varying priorities.

Regional Mass Casualty Support Units (RMCSU)

MCI Traielr pic3_edited.jpg
When a community responds to an MCI and it is determined that they will need one or more MCI trailers they are to notify their respective Fire District Control Point (DCP) for deployment of the closest trailer(s). You are to contact the DCP via radio. All Fire Departments have access to the DCP.

For any EMS/ Ambulance services providing emergency 911 services that are not operated by the local Fire Department, please contact the local Fire Department for activation if they are not already on scene.

The DCP are located as follows:

  • Barnstable County- Barnstable County Communications in the Sheriff’s Department
  • Plymouth County- Plymouth County Communications located in the Sheriff’s Department
  • Bristol County- Town of Norton Communications
  • Norfolk County- Holbrooke Fire Department Communication
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